DCP Alumni

Please select the appointment type to make a booking.
Please note, every appointment type has a different amount of time allocated to it.

Financial Aid

For students that need to apply to financial aid or review financial aid awards. Be sure to have your and your parents’ 2019 taxes and W-2’s.

(1 hour)

General Check-In

For alumni that wish to just check-in or have other things to check-in about not offered in the appointment type list.

(30 minutes)

Academic Planning

For students that are enrolled in college and need to create an Education Plan.

(1 hour)

Discussing Major/Career

For alumni that would like to discuss major options different from their current major AND/OR future careers available.

(30 minutes)


For students that are interested in enrolling in college. We will discuss options and next steps.

(1 hour)

Scholarship Review

For alumni that already have a draft of their scholarship response or need to brainstorm for their responses.

(30 minutes)
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